Comprehensive maintenance work for all civil, mechanical and electrical works

First: civil works

1- Infrastructure maintenance work, which includes disinfection and facilitation of sanitation windows, and maintenance work for inspection rooms and conforms. 2- Make temporary exchange for sanitation, for disinfection and maintenance.

Mechanical and electrical works

Mechanical works

Change and maintenance of knife valves and not return to all diameters and types. Change and maintenance of water and sewage pumps for all types and capabilities of mechanical change torrent - Rolman Bally - Change the lighting pole - Pump feather Molding and repair of the pump body. Maintenance of fire networks, including all fire extinguishers, including diesel, electric, and jockey pumps, and network maintenance of pipes, cocks, sprinklers, and all accessories. Perform comprehensive maintenance of the solar energy heaters. Maintenance work for generators of all types and capacities.

electrical works

Maintenance of all electrical transformers. Maintenance of MV panels and toroidal coupling units. Maintenance of low voltage panels and sub-panels of all kinds. Maintenance of control panels and measuring devices for the level and disposal. Maintenance of electric cable networks. Maintenance of electric motors with all their capabilities and types, including electric motor coil, rollman pricing, and all necessary. Maintenance work for the fire alarm system, including maintenance of the fire alarm panel, heat signals, heaters, and everything necessary.

In addition to comprehensive maintenance work for all the peaceful stars, including maintenance of all networks, fire, irrigation, water and wastewater feeding, and electrical networks.